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The Color

This absolutely classic, completely timeless, off-white double layered sling is named for Kenwood House - a stunning property in London's Hampstead Heath (fun fact: a scene in the movie Notting Hill was filmed at Kenwood House!) 

Perfect for year round use, family photos, and those "oh, so perfect!" Instagram shots, we are certain this will be a treasured favorite.

It goes with everything and suits everyone... what's not to love?

Sizing and Ring Options

In an ongoing effort to ensure that that everyone has the opportunity to use a ring sling, Poppet has three lengths available:

  • Classic - approx 72"
  • Long - approx 82"
  • Extra Long - approx 92"

The ring color options for Kenwood are:

  • Black
  • Bronze
  • Gold

Poppet Double Layered Slings

For those who haven't yet tried a Poppet double layered sling, you are in for a real treat. These beauties are game changers, maybe even life changers!

Made from two super light layers of 100% European linen which are then sewn together, our double layered ring slings can equally be used for infants or toddlers weighing up to 35lbs. They are lightweight (meaning they are super breathable and great for all climates), yet they also offer unparalleled support - what more could you ask? 

As with all our slings, Kenwood has been pre-softened and will be delivered to you ready to use straight out of the box - no more struggling with crunchy unmanageable slings which are pretty to look at but rarely used! 

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