At Poppet we make ring slings for parents and caregivers who want to hold their children close while making a difference to society. We believe that babywearing is transformative for both adults and children and think it should be accessible to all.

The Poppet parent is engaged in the world and determined to raise socially conscious and curious children. With an innate sense of justice, they speak out about what they think is right and look forward to a more loving and inclusive future.  

If you want to read more about how Poppet tries to make a difference, check out our Mission page

Poppet slings are stylish, comfortable and functional. They are perfect for newborns through to toddlers and are super portable so it's easy to toss one in a bag and head out to live your life! Adventuring doesn't need to come to an end when you become a parent, your Poppet sling will help you parent on the go!

But who are we? We are Jacquie, Tony and Archer. After Archer was born, we both found that he was at his happiest and most calm when being worn and so the love of babywearing began! Now walking, Archer still loves to be snuggled up with mama or dada and we are dreading the day he decides he's too big for ups! 

Our slings - and this company - are inspired by our lives. Originally from London, England we moved to the SF Bay Area in the summer of 2014. Used to an urban, cosmopolitan melting pot, the move to Palo Alto was quite an adjustment. Now that we are settled, we are loving all that California has to offer and exploring this great State that we call home.

We are so excited to be on this journey and are delighted to have you with us. To keep us with the Lewis household, you can find us here... @jacquieclewis