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The Color

Soho is a true red single layered 100% linen sling. When we say true red, we mean it. Think fire truck red, Santa Claus red, the red in Red, White & Blue.

This bold and bright sling isn't for the faint of heart - wear it bold and proud! 

Sizing and Ring Options

In an ongoing effort to ensure that that everyone has the opportunity to use a ring sling, Poppet has three lengths available:

  • Classic - approx 72"
  • Long - approx 82"
  • Extra Long - approx 92"

The ring color options for Soho are:

  • Black
  • Bronze
  • Rose Gold

Original Poppet Single Layered Slings

Soho is presented to you with the original Poppet 100% European woven linen. This super-lightweight fabric is perfect for smaller babes and very warm climates. 

As with all our slings, Soho has been pre-softened and will be delivered to you ready to use straight out of the box - no more struggling with crunchy unmanageable slings which are pretty to look at but rarely used! 

Photo Credit

Jessica Michelsen